Soul Expression Retreat

The Write Journey virtual retreats combine several creative and spiritual modalities to open participants to a deeper understanding of who they are, how they want to move forward on their journey, and connects participants with their vital self-expression.


The Write Journey mini retreats will infuse you with inspiration, and spark your creative flow!


Explore your inner world, and connect deeply through guided group meditation.


Each retreat provides guided and exploratory writing in connection with the meditations and activities.

Soul Expression Retreat

Sunday, June 28th 11 AM- 4 PM EST. Via Zoom.

  • Group Past Life Regression Meditation
  • Reflective & Exploratory Writing
  • Intuitive Collage
  • Zentangle Art Introduction
  • & More!

Supplies needed: fine point marker, magazines/ images, poster board of your preferred size, index card or cut card stock, glue stick or modge podge. The Write Journey will provide these supplies for you for an additional fee.

Soul Expression Retreat Schedule:

During the Soul Expression Retreat we will learn to listen deeply to our intuition through a series of guided activities. Come to the retreat with a sense of an aspect of yourself that you want to explore, or a question for inquiry in mind.

We will pose our inquiry as we move through the Intuitive Collage portion of the retreat. Learn how to use this tool to tap into your deeper self, uncover emotion, and listen to your inner wisdom and knowing. We will shift into reflective writing to further uncover meaning of our images.

We will break into discussion groups to connect with other like minded individuals, as we share our discoveries.

Next, we will regroup to write personal mantras based on our Intuitive Collage. Then, we will learn the basics of beginner Zentangle, and how this tool can become a part of our meditation practice through the process of mindfulness art.

We will break into groups again as we create our personal mantra Zentangle cards.

Once we regroup we will share our work, and move into our closing meditation. Here will move into a group Past Life Regression meditation. Once the meditation comes to a close, we will shift into reflective and guided writing to explore and record our experiences.

We will place a break near the middle of our time together, as collectively agreed.

If you have further questions please reach out:


All retreats are on a pay what you can model for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. Once you register you will receive a zoom invite for the retreat.

Soul Expression Retreat

Pay what you can.


Soul Expression Retreat

Pay what you can.


Soul Expression Retreat

Pay what you can.



If you would like The Write Journey to provide you with supplies for this retreat please add this to your order. The Write Journey will contact you to verify shipping information. Please, note that this must be added at least one week prior to the retreat to ensure your supplies reach you in time.


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