Intuitive Collage & Journaling

There are times when accessing language is a challenge. The use of image can foster insight and a direct line to the subconscious. In this workshop we will explore through the act of intuitive collage. This workshop can facilitate bringing emotions to the surface, and give us a sense of where we are in this moment. We will then write in response to our gathered images to connect with our stories, and to uncover deeper connection with our healing. We will use our collage as prompts for creating poetry.

TBD – Check back for workshops dates, or join the mailing list.

This workshop will be conducted via Zoom. No writing or art experience required.


  • Q: What do I need to access the group?
  • A: You will need internet access. You will also need either an IOS or Android phone, computer, tablet or iPad to join. Remember to charge your device if you will not have access to an outlet during the group! An invitation to the workshop will be sent to you via email after completing registration.
  • Q: What if I am uncomfortable with the video setting? Do I have to use the video function?
  • A: That’s fine. You do are not required to activate to video function on Zoom. You can still participant without the group seeing you.
  • Q:What supplies do I need for this workshop?
  • A: 1) You will need magazines for images. 2) A poster board. [If unable to obtain poster board, you can use a bulletin board, your refrigerator and magnets, a cardboard box, etc. We will have to get creative with tools for this one.] 3) Glue, or modge podge — if using poster board or cardboard. 4) Scissors 5) Journal & Pen
  • Q: What if I do not have the needed supplies to make the collage?
  • A: We can adapt the workshop to an online format using an Please, email The Write Journey to discuss.
  • Q: Do you have additional questions?
  • A: Please, email The Write Journey @


To accommodate the shifting landscape of attendees’ income, all virtual workshops will offer multiple payment options. The Write Journey will continue this practice until the skies have cleared. Please, choose the payment option that best suits your current situation. We trust that you will do the right thing.


Pay what you can. A portion of all workshops registered at full price will be donated to groups in need of support during this time.



Pay what you can.



Pay what you can.