The Write Journey

The Write Journey is a workshop series that connects participants to the self as each explores a guided path of healing through writing. The Write Journey workshops are  based on fusing the craft of writing and poetry, writing techniques for healing and research on how writing heals both the body and the mind. In addition, courses include guided meditations and visualization. No writing or meditation experience is required.

The Write Journey offers a four-part healing writing workshop sequence which includes Write to Self, The Metaphor of Trauma, Re-Visioning, and The Craft. In addition to the core offerings The Write Journey provides Writing the Narrative: The Story That Must Be Told, a Women’s Writing Workshop and My Write Journey: One-on-One workshops catered to individual needs and goals of the writer.

The Sequence:

Ideally, the workshops below are to be taken in order. However, upon request and review a participant may be able to take a workshop out of sequence.

 I: Write to Self

“Write to Self” opens attendees to the world of writing, creating a space for self, reassessing self-talk through the written language, and developing compassion, and understanding for the individual and others.

 II: The Metaphor of Trauma

This sequence deals with examining the wounds of trauma, locating trauma in the body, and addressing those who have hurt us on the page to move towards understanding, and aid in coping. We will create space in our lives and writing for grief.

 III: Re-Visioning

Re-Visioning takes a close look at the art of revision to continue to foster ongoing healing, and a sense of control over the uncontrollable. The workshops in this series deal with the re-writing memory, attaching new meaning and understanding to events in our lives, and returning to subjects. Here we begin to move our written pieces towards art, as we continue to examine the subjects of our lives.

IV: The Craft 

The final workshop in the sequence, The Craft, builds upon the skills and writing developed in the previous three. Workshop participants will be led through an introduction to the craft of writing and poetry using pieces written in earlier stages of the sequence. Elements of craft will be connected to emotional impact for not only the writer, but the reader. We will also explore how craft functions in some of the beloved poems of our times in order to apply these techniques to not only the writing produced in the workshops, but in the continued work of the attendees as they move forward in their writing journey.


My Write Journey: One-On-One Workshops.

The Write Journey workshops can be adapted into an individual writing to heal plan for those who prefer to work one-on-one. Sessions can take place in person at The Brave Heart Center in Red Bank on Fridays or via Skype. Chelsea will develop a personal plan based on your goals and needs, whether they are healing goals, writing goals, or both.

Writing the Narrative: The Story That Must be Told

Do you have a story you feel  compelled to tell? Have you experienced a life changing moment and want the space to explore the impact ?  We all have untold stories. It is essential to hold space for the stories of our lives. Writing your story can transform you, bring new meaning, and push you to understand the relevance of events in your life while  you move towards a deeper level of understanding.  “Writing the Narrative: The Story That Must Be Told” holds space for you while you uncover the story inside and write it on the page.

Women’s Writing Group

The women’s writing group brings women into community through writing and reading the work of other women. This group is for writers of all levels, and those who wish to write, or may have once written and are looking to return.

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Interested in having The Write Journey come to your organization? The Write Journey is available for seminars, retreats, and a range of group settings. Please, send an inquiry. Let’s discuss how writing can contribute to your organization.  Include a Write Journey course or work with Chelsea to create the right workshop for your participants and programming.