Journal Writing, Quotes

What Are You Seeking?

Spend 5 – 10 minutes exploring through writing the following questions:

What was your initial response to this quote? How did it make you feel?

What are you seeking?

What does seeking this look like? Describe it? What does it feel like?

Spend a few minutes imagining that what you seek is seeking you. Close your eyes. Bring the intention to you, state what you are seeking to yourself. Then, imagine that this is seeking you, too. 

What does it look like? Describe it? How does it feel? 

Write it out:

I am seeking _________________, and _______________________ is seeking ______________.

Continue To Explore What You Are Seeking This Week.

This week spend time continuing to explore what you are seeking. Through writing return to the possibility that what you are seeking is seeking you. Allow yourself to uncover what you really want. Spend time returning to imagine what it looks like for what you want to be seeking you, and what it feels like when you find each other. 

As you explore what you are seeking let the writing flow. Do not stop yourself. Allow yourself to do a stream-of-consciousness free write. As emotions comes up acknowledge them and write through it. 

A wellspring of emotions and thoughts arise when we state what we want or are in search of. Our inner critic can come roaring through. Give yourself time to be still with yourself. Allow what you want, want you really want to surface. Sit with it. Imagine this very thing and you connecting, living, and thriving together.

Stay here  a few minutes. Let the experience include the emotion of finally finding what you are seeking. Behold it. Then, when ready, imagine this very thing is in search of you.  Feel the connection. In your mind’s eye view the synergy of two things seeking one another and finally coming together.

Leave a comment below sharing your experience of uncovering what you are seeking!

This could be a love relationship, a job, an office for your business, a friendship, self-care, a reconnection with someone you lost touch with. You name it! Art you have wanted to create. The book you want to write. The gym you want to join. 

Success! You're on the list.

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